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4G outage in Boston affects some HTC EVO users

BostonIf you are in Boston or the surrounding area right now, chances are you are experiencing the fifth straight day of what seems to be a pretty big Sprint 4G outage. This of course is affecting all Sprint 4G phones, including the HTC EVO 4G, EVO 3D, and EVO Design 4G.

Users are reporting on the Sprint Community forums that their phones are able to connect to a WiMAX signal, but no data is being transferred. Others are reporting that the issue stretches from the north of Boston to Rhode Island, and apparently Sprint has only recently acknowledged that there's an issue at all. In any case, some users are being offered service credits for the time that they have been without 4G, so it wouldn't hurt to give customer service a call if you're in the Boston area right now.

Are you currently being affected by this outage? If so, how has customer service handled your complaint?

[Sprint] Thanks, Peter!

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14 thoughts on “4G outage in Boston affects some HTC EVO users

  • Avatar of ZEO2K

    Is that why!!! Thanks G&E for letting me know… No thanks to you, Sprint! A simple message couldn’t hurt.

  • Avatar of phrozn

    Same here. But in North Texas. Able to connect ti wimax, but Mi data coming through. Happen about midnight last night.

  • Avatar of Steve O

    This is also confirmed to effect Photon and Galaxy 4G users, as well as Evo Shift users. And the outage extends to RI, and the Providence and outlying burbs (I can personally confirm this, as that’s where I am).

  • Just yesterday evening they told me there was no outage being reported and actually referred me to a LOCAL REPAIR CENTER to remedy the issue. This is after it had been out for 2 days and widely talked about on the forums. I’m going to call back now to see if I can get a service credit, let’s see what happens…

    The first rep I spoke with denied any outage at all and sent me to a technician. (typical Sprint, gotta love it)
    Then I was mysteriously disconnected during the transfer and had to call back.
    The second rep also would not confirm an outage either and both calls sounded like there was a party going on with group laughter and loud outbursts in the background (how professional!)
    The technician has also denied any 4G outage on their board.
    At no point was I offered a service credit and when I asked they declined because there is no problem on the board. So much for that premium data fee, huh??

  • Service credits are always a define case of YMMV. Keep complaining and calling and I’m sure you’re bound to get someone who knows what they’re talking about soon enough. :-)

  • Avatar of mike k

    I’m living in Boston and def can confirm there is an outage. bllaaahh i’ll give the CS a call

  • I took a trip down to the local Sprint store just for giggles and for some reason all of their phones plus any demo model with 4G capability was down as well. I chalked it up to coincidence since there’s absolutely no outage according to the fine folks at *2. I’m about 15 minutes West of Boston proper and have acquired signal (but no internet) from 2 different 4G towers.

  • 4G appears to be back online now, at least for the past few minutes. Why it wasn’t passing any traffic for the past however many days is anyone’s best guess. Someone probably tripped on the plug to the router.

  • Avatar of Steve Gaudreau

    4g service? What’s that? Oh yeah that’s that really fast signal I pay a premium for but can’t get in my area and now if I was living in the area I can’t get get. :( I’m feelin’ chooched.

  • Avatar of DrizzyGadget

    Did they even notice that 4G wasn’t working

  • Avatar of Dro3d

    4g outage heaven forbid. Oh that’s right I can’t even get a decent 3g connection where I live. Cry me a river you chowder heads. Jk :-p

  • Avatar of Mark G

    Bingo. I’m in this large boat as well, living in Southern NH I’ve never connected via 4G. Wow, nice of Sprint to call it “4G coverage”, charge me for it and never deliver on it.
    Hellooooo flip-phone!

  • I have no 4g in my area either. Where’s my service credit?

  • Avatar of Brigitte

    Service credits? I live in a non 4g area. Can I get a service credit covering my entire contract period? I second Dro3d, cry me a river. 10 dollars is for the astronomical data levels these phones use, not for 4g.


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