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A visual representation of the AOSP source tree, from Cupcake to Ice Cream Sandwich

Have you ever wonder what the development on the back end of your ROM, rooted or stock, looks like? Do you imagine cans of Mountain Dew stacked high and a few friends tossing files back and forth and then suddenly it's a ROM?

Your ROM consists of millions of lines of code, submitted by thousands of paid and unpaid developers, kept in storage repositories and somewhat organized by automated version control  and caffeinated programmers.

Xcco3x on YouTube has posted a 21-minute visual representation of Android development from Cupcake through Ice Cream Sandwich, and if you ever had doubts that our ROM was alive, then you should take a look.

This is a visualization of development in AOSP (Android Open Source Project - from The Beginning (March 2009) to Ice Cream Sandwich (November 2011). 

The graph represents the source tree. Non-leaf nodes are directories and leaf nodes are files where their color represents the type of file. Files appear as they are modified and disappear if they are not touched for 2.5 seconds.

In other words, each "blast" from a user is a commit. These commits come from both Googlers and contributors. The data was taken from stitching together the logs of all the many AOSP projects. It does not include the external/* and prebuilt/* projects which are dependencies of Android.

[Android Police]
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