Adding magnets to your Apple BT Keyboard keeps your bag in order

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The main reason why I’ve wanted a more “iPadized” keyboard case for my iPad instead of using the otherwise great Apple Bluetooth Keyboard is for transportation purposes. The keyboard isn’t really big, but gravity has a tendency to disagree with my plan to “hang” the battery compartment of the keyboard onto the top of my iPad to make a package as flat as possible. The result is a thicker pile of gadgets in the bottom of my bag.

The solution I came up with yesterday is so obvious that I’m kicking myself for not having thought of it sooner. I ripped off the magnet plate from a fake Smart Cover (which has previously been a magnet donor for my stylus mod) and secured it to the back of the keyboard with a single piece of duct tape. Couldn’t be simpler, but when I now stack the keyboard onto the iPad for storage, it sticks to the Smart Cover and stays there. The only downside is that it doesn’t stick well to the hinge side of the Smart Cover, so when carrying this around you have to pay attention so the keyboard doesn’t “unhook” from the side of the iPad and drag the Smart Cover off with it. Couple more pics after the break.

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