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Adobe to discontinue Flash for Android devices

Te_159796[1]Development and support for Adobe Flash on mobile devices, which is responsible for countless web games, advertisements, and interactive web experiences, is ending after a decade-long run.

Adobe is not just abandoning the mobile market; they're also picking up stakes after the next release of its PC software and leaving the desktop realm.

HTML5, which can probably be summed up as "Flash, but better," is now a universal web standard and will be filling any gaps that Adobe will be leaving. Your HTC EVO 4Gs and 3Ds already support what is to come, so there's no need to worry about the web suddenly not working one day.

We can probably expect to see Flash Player remain in the Market for quite some time; however, as new devices come out there will be no support for features that phone might offer (such as GPU 3-D rendering, or time travel).

Adobe will be working to contribute to the future of HTML5 and will continue work on Flash 11 and 12 as a 3D gaming platform/engine/multimedia plugin, so while it's not completely dead yet, it's probably time to put it on the cart.

What this might mean is we will never see a bug-free stereoscopic 3D GPU accelerated Flash Player for the HTC EVO 3D (and subsequent) platforms, but who knows. It also means there will be one less thing to update on a regular basis from the Market.

[Adobe Blog]
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11 thoughts on “Adobe to discontinue Flash for Android devices

  • Avatar of Mark F

    They’re still going to support Adobe AIR though.

  • I read the Adobe blog and was wondering what they meant by: “We will also allow our source code licensees to continue working on and release their own implementations.” I also read on RIM’s blog, “As an Adobe source code licensee”, so this leaves the question, who will be doing this for Android? Will GOOGLE pick up where Adobe left off?

  • does anyone use AIR?

    Adobe is by no means going out of business… just HTML5 whooped flash… pretty sure GIMP has a long way to go before it beats Photoshop, illustrator, etc…

  • Google has been pushing HTML5 with a vengeance, I doubt they would be all that interested in doing any future development to get new tablets to be super-backwards compatible.

    I think HTML5 is for all intents and purposes just what the future is… Adobe Flash is just going to go the way of RealPlayer, ICQ, face-to-face interaction with people…

  • I never have run across anything that required it. The android market has 2,245 things that use Air. In May, there were 200,000 apps in the market, meaning Air was at a slightly above 1% penetration.

    Has there been anything on the top 50 apps that was Air? I mean: <- that's Adobe air applications sorted by popularity. Like, it just looks like a wasteland of old apps.

  • So .. this can allow us to remove flash and all the space it takes up??? I’m rooted evo4g and seems sills to do but when will that be a “smart thing ” to do?

  • I don’t know… flash is still a large part of the web. My guess is in a year or so most of that will be gone. I’d hold off on chucking it just yet.

  • Avatar of Shawn B

    aw shucks, I’m just about finished with my second advanced actionscript 3 class. Seems like a waste of time now.

  • Avatar of dyinman

    Well, you will continue to see updates in the Market for Flash for some time still. They said they will continue to push out bug fixes and security patches. And beyond that you’ll still be fine as long as nothing asks for Flash 12. I see this as a non-issue for at least 2-3 years.


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