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All HTC EVO phones on sale for a penny right now at Amazon [Updated]


Read that headline again. That's right, from now through Cyber Monday (November 28), all HTC EVO phones are only $0.01, including the EVO 3D and the EVO Design 4G.

This is all part of Amazon's Penny-Pincher sale, which actually includes all phones on Verizon, AT&T, and Sprint – but of course we care most about anything EVO! This unprecedented sale includes all the normal Amazon Wireless benefits you've come to expect, including free two-day shipping and no sales tax in most areas. Additionally, Amazon's the only place I know where you can score an EVO 3D in purple.

It should be noted, however, that the penny-pincher price is only good for new lines – sorry, folks, but upgrades don't count here and are charged Amazon's regular price of $99.99. (That's still really good!)

Update: As some have noted, the EVO Design is priced at $79.99 for eligible upgrades. Also, to clarify, new lines on family plans do qualify for the penny-pincher pricing.

So why stand in line outside your favorite electronics retailer in the middle of the night after stuffing yourself with turkey, when you can get your hands on the latest and greatest EVO without even leaving your computer? You can shop at the link below.

[Amazon WirelessThanks, Doug!

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7 thoughts on “All HTC EVO phones on sale for a penny right now at Amazon [Updated]

  • A co-worker just added a line, an Evo 3D and the price was $0.01. I am going to upgrade my wife from non-smart to Evo Design and the price is $79.99. Better than the $99.99 from Sprint for sure.

  • Avatar of Dro3d

    The Htc Rezound is mighty tempting with the 720p display and the beats audio setup and earbuds. If only Verizon wasn’t so damn expensive!!

  • Need some clarification. My contract ends next October do I have to extend my contract to get the 99.00 price?

  • Avatar of Randy

    You will qualify for the upgrade price closer to (or in) October. It’s either a 20 or 22 month period depending on the date you used your last upgrade.

  • Today my son switched from Verizon to Sprint and picked up the Samsung Galaxy S II Epic Touch 4G for $0.01 and lowered his monthly by $15. He started at AT&T with an iPhone but tired quickly of all the dropped calls and moved to Verizon and first a Driod Incredible then an Incredible II. That moves the whole family to Sprint; now Sprint needs to come through and beef up the network.

  • Thanks, Barry – I updated the article with the EVO Design’s upgrade price.

  • Avatar of Dro3d

    I would have stayed with verizon for 15 dollars more a month. I did a speed test today in atlantic city and it was. •10 mbps. That’s a joke.


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