Bounty posted for S-OFF on HTC EVO 3D with HBOOT 1.50

Bouty-on-soffFocbuster78 on XDA has posted a bounty on the successful killing of S-ON on the HTC EVO 3D with HBOOT 1.50. As of this writing, the bounty consists of promises to pay small amounts by various users and is up to $465.

As developers don't get a regular paycheck from these things and it's now considered to be just a minor annoyance to the majority of the EVO 3D root crowd, the belief is that it's not getting enough attention.

HTC released the official unlocking method they promised at, which allows you to flash new ROMs and kernels, but many in the rooting world have been annoyed that although the bootloader is unlocked the phones remain in S-ON. The Revolutionary S-OFF tool worked like a charm up to HBOOT 1.49, but since then there has been no change to, nor any reproducible method to achieve S-OFF on the EVO 3D with HBOOT 1.50.

A 1-click root/S-OFF method would mean HTC would never have your information in their databases as a root user. It would mean you could flash the pre-release radio ROMs that were evidently quite a bit more battery efficient and peppy. While nobody we've run across yet has been denied a covered repair due to HTC's unlock method, the potential is always there that one day the call to execute Order 66 will come down and you'll get a little note saying you're an enemy of the Republic.

If you believe that this noble goal is worth pitching in for, drop by this thread and let them know you'll financially support the time and massive effort that goes into figuring out how to defeat HTC's security. Or, do nothing; it's your choice. If they don't break it, you don't send a dime.

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