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Call Master Beta gives total text/call control to root users

Ss-480-2-2[1]Have you ever wanted to block calls from work after 6 p.m.? Got a friend or new lover that needs to not call you after midnight? Get too many drunk texts from one friend on the weekend? Trying to hide any call records that you're searching for another job?

Then you might need Call Master, an open beta app for rooted phones that may help you solve the aforementioned problems, along with many other issues.

Call Master is a call blocker, a text pit/interceptor, or auto responder and will also clean up after you to keep any traces of calls or texts to specific parties private. What's more is that it runs on schedules, so blocking drunk-texting friends at 2 a.m. on a Saturday and refusing calls from work after hours isn't something you have to reset or make sure to turn on.

You can define how you want notified someone called/texted, or even if you want to be notified at all based on schedules (e.g., no potential job can call you while you're in weekly meetings with your current employer).

You can define whether someone can leave you voicemail or will forever be left ringing, or if it just hangs up the instant they call. You can even define custom icons to pop up in your taskbar if someone tried contacting you.

Call Master QRI can't help but suspect this program was made with cheating on your significant other solidly in mind. It has too many options that scream infidelity tool, but it also has a lot of great options to make people and work respect your set boundaries without you actually having to argue with a drunk friend at 3 a.m. that the only reason you have your phone on is for emergencies and Jaeger bombs are not emergencies.

Call Master is currently in open beta at the moment, and it's free. At some point in the future the developers will be charging for this, so now's a good time to play with it for free.

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