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Camera mod from HTC Amaze now available for HTC EVO 3D

Feeling a little tired of the camera on your HTC EVO 3D? Frustrated at the quality of the photos you're taking? Well, thanks to developer igor.bezkrovny, rooted and nonrooted users alike can install the camera app from the HTC Amaze 4G – the same one from the video above – which many users seem to prefer, and which also seems to produce much higher quality images.

It's worth mentioning that there are a few issues with the port, such as face and blink detection not working in 3D. There are also issues with panorama mode in 2D. And finally, if you experience any force closes while in 3D, the developer has included a separate version for you to try which should solve the problem.

If you're rooted, there are several flashable zips at the link below for you to try out, and if you aren't rooted, simply download and install the apk. If you decide to give this a try, be sure to let us know your results!

[xda-developers] Thanks, Joseph!

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21 thoughts on “Camera mod from HTC Amaze now available for HTC EVO 3D

  • Avatar of etnpnys

    Good read – looks great. But will this also work on the OG EVO 4G?

  • Avatar of beagle

    I am not seeing the APK to download. Any help?

  • Avatar of Stephen

    look at the “fine print” lists, they are downloads.

  • Avatar of Mike

    I’m having problems finding the .apk link for the camera app. Can anyone help?

  • Avatar of David

    Crashes when shooting pics in 3D mode.

  • Avatar of Dro3d

    Which one for the non rooted masses?

  • Avatar of Dro3d

    Went to download the apk and a warning came up and said this type of file isn’t supported but i downloaded it anyway and I can’t find it. Any help??

  • Avatar of David

    Worked when I switched to the 1920 x1080 apk. Stock unrooted 3D.

  • no burst/zsl support – needs kernel support…
    (and i happen to be working on that for the 3d)

  • Avatar of Chad

    Use a file manager to go into your downloads folder on your SD card and install from there, this is what worked for me on my Evo 4G.

  • Avatar of Chad

    I installed this on my Evo 4G and it isntalled fine without any errors but when I open it the shutter button is not available, I can still take photos by tapping and holding but I cannot take any videos this way. Any ideas?

  • Avatar of Michael Eutzy

    Still can’t find to download, any help. Said look at fine print list but no fine print.

  • The orange hyperlinks… The one that applies to you ; click it

    ” 0.11 (GSM&CDMA 2048×1152 in 3D) Flashable zip 0.11 (GSM&CDMA 1920×1080 in 3D) Flashable zip 0.11 (GSM&CDMA 2048×1152 in 3D) standalone apk 0.11 (GSM&CDMA 1920×1080 in 3D) standalone apk 1. Codec H264 is automaticaly used for 3D video recording. 2. Flash is always turned ON if flash mode is “ON” (when taking picture). It is very useful to see what you are shooting when taking picture in low light conditions.

    0.10 (GSM&CDMA 2048×1152 in 3D) Flashable zip 0.10 (GSM&CDMA 1920×1080 in 3D) Flashable zip 0.10 (GSM&CDMA 2048×1152 in 3D) standalone apk 0.10 (GSM&CDMA 1920×1080 in 3D) standalone apk * You should select “H264″ codec to record video in 3D. Codec h264 will be autoselected for 3D in next version 1. Added option to set 50HZ/60HZ antibanding. 2. Removed video format selection. It doesn’t needed! 3GP and MP4 are just a containers. Video encoding bitrate is the only important to reduce file size. 3. Added codec selection (H264/MPEG) 4. Enabled video encoding bitrate selection for 720p and 540p 5. Added more bitrate choices.

    0.09 – removed because it always saves video into 3GP container 1. 3GP/MP4 video format selection 2. Added Camera version to Tutorial title 3. Universal flash script rewritten 4. Added autobuilder to sources in git

    0.08 (GSM 2048×1152 in 3D) 0.08 (GSM 1920×1080 in 3D) 0.08 (CDMA 2048×1152 in 3D) 0.08 (CDMA 1920×1080 in 3D) 1. Preview after capture -> Share ->”Midnight” button changed to “More…” 2. Install script fixed

    0.08 with video 1920×1080 recording. DEV VERSION. Tweaks in KERNEL, media_profiles.xml & possibly in needed

    1. test HTCCamera.apk that is configured to record 1920×1080 video, but it doesn’t work for me.

    0.07 1. Fixed code to correctly disable Panorama and Portrait in 3D mode

    0.06 (has issue, use 0.07) 1. Disabled Panorama and Portrait scenes when in 3D.

    0.05 1. fixed FC in Video Recording

    0.04 1. Gallery is now available directly from camera screen after taking Panorama (SweepShot).

    0.03 1. fixed FC in 3D mode when battery is lower than 15% 2. SmartShot/BurstMode disabled (if you select it, mode will not change)

    0.02 1. fixed FC in 3D, but face detection and blink detection works now in 2D! 2. Jpeg QUALITY set to 100% (was 85%)

    0.01 1. Ported from version of Baadnewz & CdTDroiD link 2. Tweaked 3. Fixed FC in 3D mode by disabling for both modes face detection and blink detection.

    If you found not listed issue: 1. Reboot phone 2. Install and run android application “catlog”, press “menu”->”Record” 3. Launch Camera and take video till camera FC 4. “catlog”->”menu”->”stop”. Log file created in /sdcard/catlog_saved_logs/5. email me with attached log file: [underscore]iga[underscore] at or reply with attached log file in this post. Also please specify your ROM version. ”

  • Avatar of James

    I tried to use file explorer, it still wouldn’t install. Finally, I downloaded it to my laptop, put it in dropbox. Opened dropbox on my phone, opened it and installed it from there. It works! Only problem I find is it crashes when trying to do panorama. Takes beautiful 3D photos (I’ve got an EVO 3D)after reinstalling the 1920×1080 apk.

  • Avatar of ehhhhhhhh

    how can I undo if I dont like it??

  • Avatar of stoneworrior

    wow really?
    settings/manage applications/all (the tab up top) select Amaze Camera and click Uninstall

  • GSM bigger sensor works great for me!
    Its cooked into a few GSM ROMs.
    most sprint EVO3Ds seem to be smaller sensor.

  • I’ve been using this for several days now…I like it much better than the stock camera. I’ve always thought that the 2D camera never lived up to its hype. This .apk helps though.

  • Avatar of Davaluich

    What site do you have to go to download the apk. I didnt see it in the posting

  • Avatar of Patrick

    Are there any comparison photos to really see how much better this is?


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