Dell Streak Stage UI updates available on Android Market

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Dell has been on a roll lately with updating its line of Streak smartphones and tablets. Both the Streak 7 and the Streak 10 Pro have been upgraded to Honeycomb or updated to a newer version of Honeycomb, respectively, and now Dell has put up updates to Stage UI, the Dell-branded Android skin, and its widgets.

Almost every Dell widget has been updated here; the only two that are still stuck on their previous versions are the Music widget (which isn't available at all) and the Dell Widget Updater. There's also a new Contacts app for the Streak 7, but it doesn't work right now. 

Also odd is the fact that there's another set of Stage UI widgets labeled under Stage UI 2.0, which was destined for the Streak 10 Pro. Although they're in the Marketplace, I'd advise you not to try to install them: they won't work. 

If you want the updates that do work, you'll have to swing on over to the Marketplace to get them. The Widget Updater on your Streak devices won't show any updates.


Links: Market (Streak) | Market (web) Thanks, TheManii!

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4 thoughts on “Dell Streak Stage UI updates available on Android Market

  • Avatar of Themanii

    There’s a small mistake in the article,

    Stage UI 2.0 is (rumored to be) destined for the Streak Pro (ie the softbank 101dl), not the Streak 10 Pro. The S10 uses a subset of StageUI 1.7 widgets like those available on the S7

  • Avatar of p51d007

    Doesn’t work with the Streak 5, obviously…
    Reason a lot of people would PASS on another Dell Phone is LACK OF SUPPORT, not to mention Michael Dell’s statement about Android.

  • Avatar of James

    I’d like to try it on the Streak5. Wonder if the updates will make it over?

  • Avatar of Charlidino

    I have a Streak 5, and because of the lack of support I decided not to get any other Dell product


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