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EVO 4G ROM database is a one stop shop for HTC EVO 4G ROMs


There are a ton of ROMs out there for the HTC EVO 4G. Naturally, everybody always wants to know which is the best, and users want to know what features each one has under the hood.

Normally, you have to navigate yourself around dozens of forums to find out which ROMs are worth checking out and then you have to manually figure out which has the features, mods, and customizations that you desire. That's what I used to do, anyway.

But now that I know about an online ROM database developed by ang1, I don't have to. The site has been around for a while now and is a one stop shop for HTC EVO 4G ROMs found on the xda-developers forum. It doesn't include every ROM for the OG EVO (it lacks legacy ROMs, but who wants to run Eclair anyway?) but it answers the basic questions: Is it Sense? Is it Gingerbread? What is it based off of? Then it provides links to forums for download links, screenshots, changelogs, and more.

So if you're looking for a new EVO 4G ROM, a good first stop would be the ever-updating database (and G&E, of course).

[HTC EVO 4G ROM database]
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Sam Sarsten

Sam Sarsten is a former contributing editor at Good and EVO, which was merged with Pocketables in 2012.

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14 thoughts on “EVO 4G ROM database is a one stop shop for HTC EVO 4G ROMs

  • Avatar of CDub

    I’ve looked for and I’ve use this database exclusively to try out most of the ROM’s out there. Up to date daily (if not more). This is definitely the best one I’ve found.

  • Avatar of Max Powers

    I wish more of these ROMs were available on ROM Manager. Flashing a ROM is not to terribly hard but ROM manager just makes it so freaking easy. With the exception of Sprint Lovers (my first custom ROM) I never venture outside of what pops up on ROM manager.

  • Avatar of Shimon

    I don’t see the Mik ROMs like MikG listed. I thought that was a popular one.

  • Ok. I found it. It wasn’t displayed because it hasn’t been updated recently…but it has been. It’s on version 2.61 and he has the latest version as 2.58. I notified him of his oversight.

  • I have been using the Synergy Rom and haven’t even been tempted to mess with anything else. It is just so smooth and perfect for me. Although I am waiting for a nice ICS rom for my EVO 4G and HP Touchpad. It needs to be stable, smooth and maintain all of the features for me to use as a daily.

  • Avatar of donald byrd

    This is a very cool idea how about one for the 3d

  • Avatar of Aspasia

    That’s mainly because the first post and title of the thread haven’t been updated – it still has 2.58 on there and october 17th as the date. I’m betting if aamikam updated the threat with the latest release information it would have had it, but he’s probably been busy lately.

  • Avatar of devo4g

    Which means the tool is not that useful if that’s the criterion being used to determine if it makes “the list” or not. MikG ROMs are very high quality. Thisv “tool” is just a heat map of what’s getting a lot of recent posts on XDA.

  • Avatar of devo4g

    “Normally, you have to navigate yourself around dozens of forums to find out which ROMs are worth checking out”

    And so your answer is to reduce your number of sources from “dozens” to “one”?

    This site is not helpful in determining what ROM might bring someone a good experience on their Evo. If anything, it penalizes the most stable ROMs precisely because no one needs to update their “thread title” every other day. Cyanogen and MIUI are not even mentioned? ROMs hosted outside of XDA (vaelpak anyone?) are not even mentioned? Synergy? The entire history of Froyo development on Evo?

    The tool might be useful for flashaholics who can be assumed to have already flashed anything older than 2 weeks, but for the rest of the world, please..

    This guy did about 3 minutes of work to make a cheap mashup. I would give it the same amount of consideration.

  • I think the moral of the story is that if you root your EVO and flash ROMs, you SHOULD do the research and get the hands-on experience.
    BUT, theres a lot of people that just wanna flash the latest and most updated. Enter: this site and tools like ROM Manager.

  • Avatar of Brigitte

    “Only android roms/builds that were changed in the last month are shown by default. Show all android roms/builds.”
    At bottom of the page. Click there, and it shows some mik roms, cyanogenmod, etc. even saw vaelpak mentioned. Great tool to get an idea of what’s out there and where to start reading.


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