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Google Voice updated to include group messaging, voicemail prefetch

Ss-480-0-6[1]If you're a fan of Google Voice, then you might be interested to know that it just got an update to version that brings about some new features as well as patches some oversights. 

Prefetching voicemail. No more not being able to listen to your voicemail once you pull into a parking garage and actually have a second to listen to it. It will be downloaded to the phone as it's able to get it.

Group texting. Finally you can send text messages to more than one recipient at a time. This is something that has made Google Voice next to useless for texting for me.

Improved text message notifications. Not seeing much on this one. I've received plenty of text messages since getting this but nothing appears different.

It looks like they changed the feedback link to read "Dogfood settings," but it's still the same old "Send Feedback" link. I'm guessing that's either a mistake or they're setting us up quite early for the next big Google April Fool's Day.

GV market linkUnfortunately, Google Voice inbox still seems to be lacking in basic functions to get you back to the to the inbox once you're viewing a text message, MMS is still not an option, and contact photos come and go for no reason in my inbox. It's still an incredible product if used in conjunction with the Google Voice Chrome plug-in, which allows you to send text messages and receive them and voicemail at your desktop.

Google Voice (the free service) also still allows you to multi-ring, forward phone calls to other numbers, screen phone calls in voicemail, and do all the stuff it's been doing for the past year.

You can update normally, or grab it from the Market.

Links: Market (EVO) | Market (web)

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