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Head Multi-Sport Gloves with SensaTEC review

HeadglovesLast week, we told you about a one-day deal on some sweet Isotoner gloves that let you use your HTC EVO while still remaining gloved against the elements. That deal is over now, but I was at my local Costco in a crass salute to consumerism this weekend and ran across bins of $10 gloves that let you text, answer your phone, and keep warm in cooler weather.

While not geared to freezing weather like the fleece-lined Isotoners are, Head Multi-Sport Gloves with SensaTEC allow your skin to breathe while keeping somewhat warm and protected against the elements.

They're ideal for runners, golfers, drivers, and those engaging in any other activity that requires you to use your hands. A webbed rubber palm means phones will not slip out of your hand easily; I held an EVO 4G at about a 70-degree angle and it did not slip.

So far, everyone I've shown these gloves off to wants a pair picked up the next time I'm at Costco, and at slightly under $10 in-store for well-constructed usable gloves that you can try on before you purchase, it's worth a look-see.

If your local Costco isn't carrying them, you can ask the manager if they can get some. Or if you know these are the gloves for you right off the bat, Amazon is carrying them for around double the cost. Costco online does not have them listed.

The gloves work like fingers due to two patches of SensaTEC fabric sewn into the forefinger and thumb. I can't figure out exactly what this fabric is, but it works as long as your finger is behind it.

HeadglovessbsI've played around with these for about a day now—the cold weather is not in effect in Tennessee yet—but they do keep my hands warm against 50-something degree weather. They stretch, fit like a glove is supposed to fit (unlike what most gloves fit on me), and seem to breathe enough to keep them from becoming a soggy mess.

While not the most graceful attempts I've ever made, I was able to easily pull my keys from my jean pockets and pull out a wallet and open it with the gloves on, which is something I could never quite accomplish with any of my old gloves. 

Something I seriously wish they had with these is the SensaTEC material on other fingers, but I think they left it off of three fingers so the tips would be more grippy. I use more than my thumb and forefinger to operate my EVO, but I will cope.

I noticed while responding to a text message using Swype that the lines I was tracing were extremely jerky; however, Swype still picked them up and I only had one word I was unable to input correctly. I consider this a pretty solid testament to the gloves working well enough to justify plunking $10 or so down on them. I'd probably even pay full price for them, but I'll happily grab my tech geek winter presents from the Costco bins.

So far I've tried these on an EVO 4G and EVO 3D, and a friend of mine tried them on his iPhone and imediately put in an order for the next time we're at Costco to pick some up.

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4 thoughts on “Head Multi-Sport Gloves with SensaTEC review

  • Thinkgeek sells a brand called Agloves that are similar, but you can convert any glove you like with some conductive thread. About $4 on ebay, a sewing needle and maybe a thimble to keep your fingers from getting bloody is all you need.

  • I just got these gloves and they are amazing. Definitely go get a pair.

  • Avatar of brendan

    can any one tell me where to get a pair ! I wore mine out and want new ones

  • They are on Amazon and Google shopping, had some similar at target about a month ago. Just look up head multi touch they are not hard to locate


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