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How to join the EVO 4G root world if you're on a Mac

Mac-logoWith the update to Gingerbread, became mostly useless for rooting the HTC EVO 4G line of phones. rose to the forefront for its HTC EVO 4G S-OFF exploit, and joined them with its official HTC EVO 3D unlocker (needed if your HBOOT version is 1.50).

Since does not have Mac support and HTCdev does not unlock EVO 4Gs, this left our Mac-using brothers and sisters with no simple way to unlock their OG EVOs. It also leaves Macs in general pretty much high and dry as far as direct root support is concerned.

Now, the absolute easiest way for a Mac user to root a Gingerbread EVO 4G is to find a PC to use. Once it's rooted, you never need to touch the PC again to flash ROMss, unroot, turn S-ON, and so. All the post-root tools are free and work on Mac.

But if you absolutely must have the ability to root on a Mac, then this is for you.

  1. Install Parallels or VMWare fusion. You can get the VMWare fusion demo for 30 days for free, so if you have a copy of Windows XP or higher laying around or want to go the Linux route, this is probably your best best as you'll only need the image once.
  2. After your emulation software is installed, proceed to root. The instructions at that link are for the Windows platform, but you can get the Linux instructions from if you're feeling like taking the scenic route.

Once you're rooted and have  S-OFF, you should not need to use the software again. Almost everything except rooting can be done on a Mac using Finder and the Android SDK for Mac.

If you're on a Mac and know of an easier way to root, let me know and I'll update this post.

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