HTC Slate for Sense 1.0 theme available for your rooted HTC EVO 4G


Whenever I've gone to a Sense 2.1+ ROM on my HTC EVO 4G, I use the Slate skin. It's clean, it's sexy, and I just love it. But I also love Sense 1.0 ROMs. They just run better on the HTC EVO 4G because, well, they're based off of the stock update.

I never thought I could have Slate on these Sense 1.0 ROMs, but thanks to 00McD00, I can. And so can you, of course.

Note that you must be running a ROM based off of the 4.24-4.54 OTAs; this will not work on Sense 2.1/3.0/3.5 ROMs. There are Slate skins for newer Sense, though, so y'all shouldn't be too worried.

To get yourself Slate-ified, just grab the theme here and then flash the .zip via recovery or ROM Manager. It looks like the themer has gone through and worked out all of the bugs. It should be noted, however, that the screenshots show "Apps" in the middle of the dock when "Phone" is actually there (like it is by default).

If you like what you see on your EVO 4G, then be sure to head to the original thread below to show 00McD00 some love.

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