iOS 5.0.1 will fix battery drain issues, give iPad 1 multitouch gestures

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The Beta of iOS 5.0.1 has been released to developers and it fixes a few issues that have come up with iOS 5. First off, it fixes some bugs that cause some iOS 5 devices to drain battery like there’s no tomorrow. It also adds improvements to Siri in Australia, some Documents in the Cloud fixes, and last but not least it adds multitouch gestures to the iPad 1. Very few of Apple’s feature fragmentation choices make much sense, and the decision to drop the multitouch gestures from the iPad 1 in the final version of iOS 5 made so little sense that you’d think it wasn’t intentional. Apparently Apple has seen the errors in its way and has decided to fix that little tidbit. Still no Siri on the iPad 2 though, or the iPad 1 and every other iOS device for that matter – it’s already been hacked on thereby others so they can’t say it wouldn’t work.


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