iTunes Match is out….and down

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iTunes Match is Apple’s new $25/year subscription service that scans your music library and either matches all the music with identical tracks in the iTunes Store or uploads them, giving you access to them from wherever you want. The point is to get away from having to use your computer as a music hub and instead use the almighty cloud. It was intended to be released by the end of October, which obviously it wasn’t, but now it’s out. Or, in theory, anyways, as some sites are reporting that it’s already down due to high demand.

The downside here is that the service is US only. You’d think Apple had gotten the point about not pissing off their biggest market (which is the rest of the world combined) by now but apparently not. If you’re in the US however you can update your iTunes to get the ability to (try to) sign up and hope that it’s back up soon.

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