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JaxtrSMS lets you send text messages for free worldwide


Let's say you're trying to save money on messaging.

When getting a plan from Sprint, most HTC EVO users are going to choose the Everything Data option (for individual plans). This incorporates unlimited messaging and there really isn't a dance you can do to include voice and data only for an EVO on Sprint. But what if you have a rooted EVO running on a prepaid network? What if you have friends in international locations? What if you want to text from your EVO View 4G?

A free texting solution would be nice in these situations, and a fairly new app called JaxtrSMS may be right for you. There are other options out there, sure, but the competition has several issues.

JaxtrSMS works on Android, iOS, Blackberry, Symbian, and is coming to Windows Phone soon, which can't be said of all the alternatives. Other apps are cross-platform, but normally you all need the same app to text each other. And let's face it. Not everybody is going to have this app. Don't worry! JaxtrSMS sends the message as a text message to your friend if they don't have it installed, and it shows up as your phone number.

This means that your friends have no weird new numbers to save and don't even have to download the app. 

Jaxtr3 Jaxtr4

If you're looking for the catch, this is it: the app is free, but every message you send includes a 20+ character advertisement/spam that declares just how cheap you are. Another downer, which could easily be addressed in future versions, is that there is no group messaging options. 

If you don't like the message spam (and really, who does?), then you probably won't like the app and you should stick to paying an extra $10 bucks/month for messaging and using something else for your international friends and tablet.

However, both of these flaws aside, this is a great app and it is free! At the very least, JaxtrSMS is worth checking out.


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