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Use volume buttons to change songs on your rooted HTC EVO 4G, even when screen is off

So let's say that you're out running and all 40GB of your music is on your HTC EVO 4G thanks to Google Music. Things are going well until a song comes on that you can't run/workout to. You definitely want to get to the next song as soon as possible. 

Wouldn't it be great if you could change songs without even turning your screen on, regardless of whether you were using HTC Music, Google Music, Pandora, or any other major music app?

That's where tommmytomatoe comes in. The recognized dev has just come out with a mod that should work on rooted HTC EVO 4Gs running any deodexed 4.53/4.54-based stock ROMs (e.g., The EVO Classic, Swagged Out Stock, Smooth N Sexy, and others).

Once you download and flash this flashable .zip, you should be able to go to the next track or restart the current song/go to the previous track simply by holding the volume up or down button, respectively. 

This will also add the 4-in-1 reboot mod, which is a nice little bonus.

As always, be sure to make a Nandroid backup in case this doesn't work and you need to revert to your pre-flashed .zip state.

Good luck and enjoy!

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Sam Sarsten

Sam Sarsten is a former contributing editor at Good and EVO, which was merged with Pocketables in 2012.

Avatar of Sam Sarsten

19 thoughts on “Use volume buttons to change songs on your rooted HTC EVO 4G, even when screen is off

  • Avatar of amaults27

    Before I think about this, Is it short press to control volume, long press to change songs?

  • Yes. And the screen must be off. But this works perfectly when you’re working out, driving the car, etc.

  • Avatar of Drewbalicious

    One of the few things I missed coming from a Blackberry. Can’t wait for it to come to the 3D.

  • Avatar of Alex

    Okay so I tried it and it threw me in a boot loop… Idk… Good thing for these nand backups… I am running a virus ROM | Synergy-Kingdom | NIGHTLYS | 2.3.3 | SENSE 3.0 …… Maybe I will try again later…

  • Avatar of Rod Ohmes

    tommmytomatoe’s Classic is a beautifully smooth and stable ROM. Use this mod with his ROM and you won’t be disappointed. Been using it for about 2 weeks without any issues whatsoever.

  • Avatar of amaults27

    Sweet. I’ll give it a shot!

  • Avatar of DrizzyGadget

    Can’t wait to try this out

  • Avatar of Jorge

    This needs to come to the Evo3D and can anyone verify if this works with Spotify?

  • Avatar of Tommy Nguyen

    Hey Sam. Thanks for the nice writeup. I would like to say a couple things. It’s part of my dev ritual to give props :-)

    Original mod came from cm7 or cm6. A dev from MIUI ported it. And I brought it to Sense 1.0. Hope that makes sense :-)

    I just wanted to be clear that I didn’t actually write this mod. hehe.

  • Avatar of weehooherod

    Nandroid and flash that mofo to your Evo 3D, it may work. The dev said it should work for the Evo 3D. Otherwise, rom devs are starting to build it into their Evo 3D roms. Myn’s Warm TwoPointThree release 1 has it built it!

  • CyanogenMod 7.1 can already do this…

  • Avatar of Alex Figueroa

    This is a really old trick

  • Avatar of Damon M

    I have MikG 2.59 and I’m using Music Player Pro as my default music player. I found out i could do this by accident just 5 days ago. Makes me wonder if it was baked into the MikG or is it the Player Pro app that’s doing it

  • Avatar of bearface

    @Matt. Tommy said this was ported from Miui which was ported from the cm team…

    @Alex. This is old news for AOSP users. But for Sense 1.0 stock users this is the first we’ve seen of this mod.

    @Damon M. This mod was baked into MikG and not a function of the Music Player Pro app :-)

  • But you did bring it to Sense 1.0 and that’s pretty badass. It’s okay to be proud Tommy!

  • Yeah… but not Sense 1.0. I been missin’ this feature. So glad to have it.

  • Avatar of Josh

    I can’t get this working even though it’s supplied with SOS…I’m wondering if it’s conflicting with the ‘volume-button-to-turn-on-screen’ mod that’s ALSO included with SOS Anyone else having issues getting this to work on this particular ROM?


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