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MD5 Checker is great for checking questionable downloads on the go

Today, I was in a lengthy doctor's appointment; I was bored. I looked at my HTC EVO 3D and thought to myself, Why don't you have a custom kernel?

You can guess what the next mission of my life was, and I decided to go with Ziggy471's Shooter CDMA GB kernel. My 3G speeds hindered by what I assume was lead in the hospital's walls, I desperately watched my download creep along. 

During this process, I got Flash Image GUI and prepared myself for the fun of HBOOT 1.50 kernel flashing (I was getting excited).


The download was slow. Look down: 78%. Wait a minute: 80%. Wait two minutes: 82%. However, a minute later the download was complete.

I was concerned that I was the proud, new owner of a corrupted kernel and didn't feel like having to un-soft brick my new EVO 3D. So, I decided to check the MD5 checksum to make sure I had the right file. Watch the video above for the results and hit the links to MD5 Checker, the free app I used, below.

Links: Market (EVO) | Market (web)

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