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Mysterious service update on HTC EVO 3D seems to bump up 3G speeds

Evo-3d-3g-speedsLast night I picked up my HTC EVO 3D and noticed that my phone was in the middle of some kind of "service update." In fact, it looked like the same system dialogue that appears when I try to update my profile manually by hitting Settings > System updates > Update profile. I thought nothing of it, believing that I must have accidentally hit some wrong buttons, and I let it finish doing its thing.

However, it seems as if I'm not the only one who experienced this. EVO 3D users across the country are reporting that their devices have started this process involuntarily, without any prompting from the device's owner.

A quick call to Sprint customer service left me with no additional information – they didn't even know about the service update and initially thought I was talking about the latest OTA software update. This particular service update, however, does nothing to the software on the phone and simply changes something about how the EVO communicates with Sprint's towers.

And it's really not all bad. Users who get this update are reporting faster 3G speeds, including some pings under 100ms and download speeds over 2Mbps. Personally, my download speed went from around 600kbps to an average of around 1.5Mbps, and my ping hovered at about 150ms, down from around 300ms.

Not too shabby! So have you also experienced this mysterious unannounced service update on your EVO 3D? What about other EVO owners? How are your data speeds looking afterwards?

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