Nook Color sees $50 drop in price ahead of Kindle Fire/Nook Tablet launch

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The Nook Color is arguably one of the Android devices that has survived the longest. Its hackability and hardware/price ratio makes it one of the most budget friendly Android devices out there even today, and with a $50 price drop ahead of the Kindle Fire and Nook Tablet launch it will continue to be a very good choice for a while longer. The tablet/ereader is also getting a software update, adding some more content sources for music, video and magazines.

Compared to the Kindle Fire, the Nook Color loses out in terms of CPU power. Still, the immense hacking community around the Nook Color gives it an advantage for people who aren’t interested in the stock software. We still don’t know what Amazon’s attitude towards hacking will be, but seeing as how it’s losing money off each Fire sold and expect to make it back by selling content it might not be so happy about it. Both Amazon and Barnes and Noble (who make the Nook) are (mostly) US only companies as well, so the viability of the devices for anyone outside the US depends even more on third party hacks. Even with Value Added Tax and shipping the Fire and the Color are a  great deal cheaper than the runner ups in Europe, so Amazon might have done themselves a disservice with the content subsidized pricing.

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