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Poll: Do you even have access to 4G on your HTC EVO?

Welcome-to-4gAbout a week ago, we asked you how often you use 4G WiMAX on your HTC EVO. The results are in, and I have to say I'm a bit surprised at how many of you participated. In fact, more people responded to this poll than our last three polls combined. G&E readers are obviously very concerned about the state of 4G on Sprint!

That being said, only about 19% of readers said that they use 4G on a daily basis. Another 19% said that they use 4G on only a weekly or monthly basis, and a whopping 62% said that they use 4G hardly ever or never.

If we are to believe Sprint, these numbers will be turning around very quickly as it blankets its entire 3G footprint with 4G LTE. (Of course, you will also need a new 4G LTE device to take advantage of this.) But this also leads us to ask another equally interesting question: how many of you are even in a 4G coverage area? At last count, Sprint claimed that it offers 4G service in over 70 markets, yet we all know that there are quite a few high-population areas that have been left behind.

So please, participate in our follow-up poll, and let us know your thoughts on the current state of affairs, as well as where Sprint says it's headed in the future.

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