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Poll: Do you use 4G on your HTC EVO?


Reactions have definitely been mixed since Sprint recently announced its new 4G LTE plans. Lots of G&E readers have expressed anger at the complete stop of the 4G WiMAX rollout. Of this group, some are worried that all current HTC EVO devices will become obsolete a lot sooner than expected. (However, remember that Sprint has promised to keep WiMAX around for a while.)

On the other hand, there are others who can't wait for Sprint's LTE network to officially launch, and are excited at the prospect of a 4G LTE EVO. And there are still others who couldn't care less about 4G, and just want Sprint to fix their 3G – and it definitely seems like Sprint has started this process.

This led us to wonder how many readers of G&E actually use 4G WiMAX right now on their HTC EVOs. So enlighten us on the matter! Take part in our poll below, and be sure to sound off on your own 4G experiences in the comments below.

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