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Poll results: Less than half of G&E readers have access to 4G on the HTC EVO

Welcome-to-4gA couple of weeks ago, we asked you how often you use 4G WiMAX on your HTC EVO. The results were interesting enough, but a few readers who don't live in a 4G coverage area said they weren't quite sure how to respond. This led us to wonder: how many of you even have access to 4G WiMAX to begin with?

I have to admit that I'm a little surprised at the results. I thought fewer of you would say that you lived or worked in a 4G coverage area. In actuality, as of this writing, over 46% of readers said they have access to 4G. And of this group, 32% said that Sprint offers great 4G service in their town, but just not where they live or work. (I fall into this camp.)

That being said, over 53% of G&E readers said that Sprint does not offer any 4G service where they live, work, or play, which probably accounts for the huge response we again received for this poll. In fact, this poll was the second most popular poll in recent G&E history, right after the original poll about how often G&E readers access 4G.

Lack of 4G coverage is definitely frustrating, and people like the opportunity to sound off about it. But it's also helpful to keep in mind that, while Sprint seems to have abandoned WiMAX for good, it is trying to do right by customers by building out its own 4G LTE network. By doing this, Sprint won't be held down by any other company's poor management (cough cough Clearwire! cough cough) and it will be able to deploy 4G much more quickly.

And the carrier also seems to be keeping good on its promise to improve 3G. So don't despair; it seems like Sprint is really starting to turn itself around.

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