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ROM Picks: Warm TwoPointThree Beta for HTC EVO 3D

Snap20111103_105657 (Custom)If you haven't tested out Myn's Warm TwoPointThree Beta ROM lately, it's worth checking in on what's going on in the nightly releases.

Warm TwoPointThree offers a very nice visual aesthetic and a low battery consumption behind it. It's not the fastest and snappiest ROM I've ever run across; however, it is the most thematically consistent and fully functional beta ROM I have played with.

The app drawer is semi-transparent and floats above your desktop. It has docks for all apps, frequently used, downloaded, and Warm Apps (warm updater, Netflix, Wifi Tether, Warm Tweaks).

It's a good, solid, pretty ROM so far. Everything about it screams warm and fuzzy except the About pages, which are your standard black Android screens.

Several programs (about 20MBs worth) have been removed from this ROM but are contained in the Optional folder on your SD card if you decide you want them.

It runs on the stock HTC kernel, so if you've been having wonkiness with other kernels, this should be significantly more stable for you. The downside is that there's no dual-CPU all the time support, but if you're flashing ROMs you probably are comfortable flashing a kernel.

Some notable features of Myn's TwoPointThree include

  • DSP manager to boost your volume
  • Unlocked Sprint Mobile Hotspot
  • Homescreens in 3D if you want them (not the good 3D, the 2D-3D tilt)
  • GPU acceleration as opposed to CPU acceleration
  • SIP calling over 3G/WiFi
  • Darktremor's A2SD support
  • Beats by Dre audio mode
  • Proper 1X/3G display
  • No HTCLoggers, CIQ
  • Ability to change capacitive button backlighting
  • CRT TV-Style CRT-ON/OFF animations
  • WiFi Tether
  • Panorama camera
  • And more!

I did run into a problem on the initial install of the Market not working and claiming I had no space. I've had that before with other ROMs, though, and as with the others it went away after a reboot, so I do not think this is specifically a Warm problem.

Snap20111103_105646 (Custom)  Snap20111103_105707 (Custom)

Snap20111103_105719 (Custom)  Snap20111103_105743 (Custom)

All in all, this is a very impressive beta.

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