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ROM Picks: EVOZone Christmas for HTC EVO 3D

2011-11-19_12-00-26[1]Last year, Zone23 created a Christmas-themed ROM for the HTC EVO 3D's predecessor, the 4G. This year, just like Black Friday, holiday cheer, and stockings by the fireplace, it's back and now available for the rooted EVO 3D.

EVOZone Christmas, as the ROM is called, is chock full of more wintertime cheer than should be allowed under the Geneva Convention, with Christmas ringtones, lock screen bows, custom icons, and wallpapers bringing yuletide spirit to your phone.

Much like my front yard, it looks like Christmas cheer threw up all over the place.

The ROM features the Amaze Camera mod, CRT-style animations, a six-in-one power menu, and the BCNice20 kernel (likely because the BCNaughty20 kernel isn't getting anything this year). There's evidently an issue setting the ringtone during install, so you'll have to do that yourself to fully experience the full-on winter solstice assault, but it still appears to be very stable.

So, if you're in need of some Christmas cheer this year, you might just want to grab this ROM and use it as your daily driver for a month or so.

2011-11-19_12-00-33-1[1] 2011-11-19_12-00-44[1]

As the theming is very deeply ingrained in this ROM (it's more than themes can accomplish), it's probably not one you're going to keep for too long after Christmas unless you're the type of person who keeps up your decorations year-round. So make sure to keep a copy of another ROM sitting around for when you reach that breaking point of hearing too much Bing Crosby and just want Christmas and all of its cheer gone.

Also, should you be giving a rooted EVO 3D as a stocking stuffer, this might make the perfect wrapping ROM.

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6 thoughts on “ROM Picks: EVOZone Christmas for HTC EVO 3D

  • Avatar of Guitarified

    Is the Christmas ROM for the 4G still out there somewhere?

    Oh, and on an unrelated note, did you ever come across that ota kernel that allows trickle charging that you wrote about a little while back?

  • TypePad HTML Email
    I did find a link of EVO kernels, thought I posted it – will look again later.Looked for the 4G version of the Christmas ROM, have not located it…I do not know if it’s being produced still.. I’ll look tonight see if I can locate it, a search on XDA didn’t yield anything in the 4G section… don’t know if that means he is not doing it this year or just has not done it yet.

  • Avatar of Guitarified

    Thanks Paul!

  • I love this Rom! Coming from Eternity Im picky, but I see its very similar with a Christmas feel, LOVE IT!!


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