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Save up to $100 on a phone from Amazon when you activate mobile hotspot

So you've decided that it's time to say goodbye to your HTC EVO 4G. 

It's a hard decision. You've had this phone for nearly a year; when you got it, it was the best Android smartphone on the planet. You think back: three years ago you were rockin' an OG RAZR on your parents' Verizon contract. But, now, you feel that something is lacking. Whether you are fiendin' for some 3D or a 4-inch screen, Sprint's current EVO lineup makes your EVO 4G seem ancient. 

When you finally make the decision to grab the updated EVO, you're tryin' to save a buck, right? Well, Amazon just came out with a pretty easy way for you to save $100 on that new phone (a discount that would make the EVO Design 4G free – or less). 

But there's a catch. You have to sign-up for a mobile hotspot plan when you are purchasing your new phone. Granted, you may not be too swayed to grab a mobile hotspot plan due to the extinction of unlimited wireless tethering, but some people rely on this service, and Amazon Wireless can help these customers save a fortune (okay, $100 . . . minus the monthly price of the mobile hotspot plan). 

To the curious, unlimited and free wireless tethering is available with a little root and either an .apk file or a flashable .zip  (there is an alternative for the 3D available). However, the Amazon discount probably won't apply to these customers. 

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