Sprinkle is an adorable physics game for iOS and Android

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Sprinkle came out a while ago, but I somehow missed it until I ran into it on the Android Market. It’s a physics game along the same lines as Angry Birds and Cut the Rope in the sense that you have to deal with some sort of physics based puzzle mechanic to clear levels and get as high a rating as possible. Sprinkle’s twist on the concept is that some bad space tourists (not joking) ran through Saturn’s rings with their spaceship camper and now there are meteorites raining down on the planet of these poor blue martians. They cause fires all over the place, and it’s your job to put those fires out.

At your disposal is a fire truck…thing with a certain amount of water ammo. You can adjust the height and angle of the nozzle attached to it and by doing so try to get the water into those nooks and crannies where fires are going on. The water is what makes the physics part of this, as you will have to use angles, pressure, waves, gravity etc at your disposal to reach all the fires. Sometimes you eve have to use just brute force and fill and area with enough water that you reach that edge with the hut on it. It’s a nice concept and a lot of fun, as as with all these games, more game mechanics are introduced as you progress through the levels.

The game is $1.99 both in the Android Market and iTunes and the game is one of the best looking I’ve seen in a while. Definitely a recommended game! Hit the jump for screenshots.

[Android Market | iTunes ]

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