Tascam iM2 microphone gives your iPad improved recording capabilities

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This isn’t the first external microphone for the iPad (/iOS devices in general) and the ability to connect USB audio gear through USB with the Camera Connection Kit makes an argument for this type of accessory being redundant in the first place, but if you want to connect a good microphone directly to the dock connector this might be for you. The iM2 microphone is powered by the dock port which means that as a powered mic (meaning it has a preamp inside) it’s also more sensitive than the built in mic or any external passive mics. There are two condenser mics on the iM2 and they’re both adjustable 180 degrees.

Tascam has its own recording app, but everything points to this mic working with any app that uses the microphone. This means that if you want to use the recording feature that some note taking apps have you should be able to do so with the iM2. Music creation apps would be another great way of using it, and it might even be possible to connect something like a guitar to the 3.5mm input at the same time as this is connected to the dock connector (though I really don’t know how iOS would react to two audio inputs like that). Recording concerts would be another option, though it’s probably easier to pair it with an iPhone in that case. The iM2 will cost you $80 which makes it an investment, but it’s in the ballpark of other microphones and not bad all things considered.

[Tascam via iLounge]

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