Transformer Prime sample photos point to a camera that is actually usable

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Tablets generally don’t have good cameras. The iPad 2 is certainly proof of that. as it takes such incredibly grainy photos that the only thing it would be successful at capturing properly would be a pile of colored sand. Other tablets have higher resolution cameras both for video and audio, but resolution really is no measure of image quality at all and these tablets prove that quite well. The new Asus Transformer Prime however might just be the turning point in that trend. It’s already revolutionary in being the first quad core Tegra 3 tablet, ridiculously thin, and with an excellent 12 hour battery life, and now some test photos from the tablet point to it being one heck of a camera device as well. The photos, originally posted on the Prime’s Facebook page, are naturally taken under nice circumstances – not in a dark room at night. Still, they show image quality that isn’t just coincidental. f/2.4 lense and auto focus, which in itself is a step up.

While the need for a good camera on something as huge as a 10-inch tablet is a matter of some debate, I certainly wouldn’t mind having it rather than not having it. I carry a separate digital camera with me just to scan documents, and a good internal camera would make that redundant. Furthermore, tablets are becoming the first and only computer for a lot of people, especially the older and very young generations, and neither of those two might necessarily have a camera already. At $499 the camera doesn’t appear to increase the price much either, so again I’d rather have it than not. I really like the thought of a world where everything has a camera good enough to capture important unplanned moments in life. Either way, hit the jump for more of the sample photos.

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