TwelveSouth’s PlugBug lightens your charging gear load if you have a MacBook

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The thing about laptop and tablet thickness these days is that if you have to bring the respective chargers as well, they’re often thicker than the devices. Laptop bags that gladly hold your laptop, tablet, ereader and so on simply refuses to fit all those chargers in there. However if you have a tablet (or anything) that charges through USB, and a MacBook, you are in luck. TwelveSouth has come out with an adapter that clips onto existing MacBook chargers and give them a 2.1A USB charging port on top of the MacBook charge cable.

Since this is USB, it will work on anything that charges through USB. Since it has a 2.1A output, it will charge at full speed on devices such as the iPad 2, while still not damaging devices that use more traditional 0.5A or 1A for charging. Aside from saving you some clutter, you will also get away with one less power outlet when you’re out and about. Unfortunately there is only a US version of this, though there’s nothing technical in terms of voltage and whatnot that stops this from being used on other MacBook chargers as long as you get an adapter for the actual plug (those are very small and don’t defeat the purpose). Not sure if all MacBook chargers are otherwise identical though. Their FAQ also promises international PlugBugs “early next year”.


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