Underscore Notify finally gets updated

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Underscore Notify was my go-to note taking app for a long time. It ended up being replaced by Goodnotes, which actually has less features, but is more stable and more efficient to use. It took about a year for Notify to get an update, which is simply too long – so it’s no wonder that it got replaced by apps that didn’t even exist back when it was last updated (not counting a tiny iOS 5 update a few weeks ago). Now the developer has finally released a major update though, andthis version – 4.0 – promises to fix a lot of issues.

The complete list of new features and bug fixes can be seen here, and there’s a lot on the list. The most crucial is perhaps getting the app to be more stable, as that app has crashed more for me than all other apps I’ve had combined. I’ve downloaded the update and tried it out, and not had any crashes yet. That being said, this won’t retake its place from Goodnotes. It’s still very slow when zooming, even on an iPad 2, the pixelated magnification mode bothers me after having used Goodreader’s “fake infinite resolution” system, and the app still doesn’t have the ability to export documents right into other apps – though I’ve talked to the developer on Twitter and it’s coming in the next update! Still, Notify is the only other such note taking app I keep around aside from Goodnotes, simply because it has a lot of features that other apps don’t have, like the ability to insert freehand-cut parts of webpages, text etc. At $1.99 it’s more than worth it just for those features, and it might not even have to compete with simpler, but efficient apps to have a place on people’s iPads.


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