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Zombie Farm digs up undead fun

Ss-480-0-1[1]The only game I have consistantly badgered the creators about porting over for my HTC EVO 4G so far has been Zombie Farm. It ranks as the only farming game I have ever enjoyed playing, and also one of the very few iOS games that ever got a dime from me.

After over a year (and me moving to the EVO 3D), it finally got ported (albeit by another company).

The basics of the game are similar to any farming game; it keeps you playing daily, or you get punished in the form of wilting crops. In this case the crops can be corn, carrots, or carcasses hell-bent on devouring human flesh.

At various times of the day you can attack certain bosses with your demon spawn. If you succeed in your ghastly mission, you can come home with cash or prizes. Zombies who survive raids get better/more experience/tougher. Eventually you can mix and match zombies in pots to create hybrid killing machines, or grow advantageous mutations based on surrounding plant life.

The game can be incredibly tedious, like any farming game, leading to an odd Zen state of realization that you are but a hamster pressing the feeder bar until such time as it pays off.

If you're just wanting a farm with cute zombies wandering around you can have that too, making money by harvesting crops, buying shrubbery, and not killing the townsfolk. But without the Zombies, it's just Farm… and that would be sad.

Somehow I managed to miss it coming out last month while I was in Seattle, but it's here now and that's all that matters.

QR code for Zombie FarmSadly my previous farm on iOS did not seem to make the transition to Android.

In the end, this is probably like any other farming game, except it has zombies and you kill people and cook the undead in pots to create new hellspawn bent on cannibalistic fury… but in a cute and totally awesome way.

16 million iOS users thought it was worth a look over the course of two years. We're at about a million in a month on Android already, so consider piling on the corpse train and joining. We need more brains in this game.

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