Airstash V2 now available, is smaller, faster, longer-lasting

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The Airstash has been mentioned quite a few times on the site because of its ability to not only act as a wireless flash drive for streaming media to a device like the iPad, but also upload files – making it the only solution I know of for giving the iPad offline PC-less file transfer capability. There were some hiccups and flaws with the first generation (which I pointed out in my review of the thing) and that has lead to the V2 now replacing the first generation and adding a new distribution partner to help boost sales. The second generation has faster WiFi, faster USB transfer speeds, better battery life, a smaller overall body and hopefully fewer build quality issues.

Unfortunately the second generation also comes with a higher price tag. At $139 ($149 MSRP) with an 8GB card bundled it’s significantly more expensive than the $99 first generation (which didn’t come with an SD card bundled) considering that a 32GB card with similar speeds only costs $35 and an 8GB card is only $10, making the V2 $30-$40 more expensive than the first generation model. I certainly won’t be cashing out to upgrade mine, so this one will have to go un-reviewed. For new buyers it might still be worth the price though, and the two way file transfer feature continues to make the Airstash a nice option in a growing market of wireless drives.


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