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So far, the Kindle Fire has been quite a big deal. Amazon's bold entry into the tablet market could have gone either way, but so far their aggressive pricing and rich content have made it a hit over the holiday season. Just yesterday, the Kindle Fire I bought as a gift to myself arrived at my door, and so far I have to say I really like it. However, I wouldn't want to spoil the review coming in the following weeks, so for now you can join me below for an outdoor unboxing.

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As I purchased the Fire directly from Amazon and not a traditional retail outlet, the packaging is a standard brown Amazon box. Personally, I actually prefer this to traditional packaging because it is simple, functional, and easy to open.

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When you open the box, the Kindle Fire is displayed prominently on the top and the getting started guide is secured under the lid. The few accessories are stored under the device.

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And when I say few, I mean few. Above you can see the entire contents of the box, no manuals or cables omitted. The only things packaged with the Fire are the simple getting started card and an AC cable. I assume the absence of a USB cable is because the Fire is supposed to be cloud only and not tied down to a PC, but I still wouldn't have minded finding one in the box.

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The Fire's hardware is about as plain as it can get, but it still feels and looks like a high quality device. I like the flat black front and back, and so far the Amazon UI isn't bad either.

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The Fire's soft touch back is nearly as bland as the front, bearing only Kindle and Amazon branding in addition to the necessary assorted FCC text. 

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Above you can see the sparse packaging Amazon used with the Kindle, just another small touch that was nice. I will have to wait until the full review to really go in depth about all the other things I like about the Fire, but I already have a feeling that the list will be pretty long. For now, feel free to ask any questions you may have, and I will try my best to answer them in the comments. 

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5 thoughts on “Amazon Kindle Fire unboxing

  • Avatar of Buzzkill Lightyear

    Nitpick: “As the Fire is only sold online and not at traditional retail outlets,”

    Best Buy, Office Depot, Radio Shack, Staples, Target, and Walmart all sell the Kindle Fire, and in-store only at that.

  • Ah, must have slipped my mind. I even played with the Fire last time I went to Best Buy, I dont know how I forgot it. Anyways, since it is sold at retail I wonder if the packaging is any different than when you get it from Amazon.

  • Thats interesting, I wonder why they designed two packages for it rather than just sending the same retail box to online shoppers.


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