Amazon Kindle Leather Cover review, interesting “hinge” system

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The Amazon Kindle has been making a name for itself in my household. Now, we have 3 of the darn things. Not long after I received mine, my sister and mother decided that they too wanted one for themselves. However, until recently, mine was the only one with a case. My Mum purchased the Kindle Leather Cover for hers. Interested, I stole it for a few hours to have a closer look at it, learning a few things I didn’t know about the eReader.

Overall the case is a a generic black and leather case. It is stylish, with a rough patterned leather around the majority of the outside, and a grey suede on the inside. It is held together when closed by an elastic strap, and there is a groove on the front of the cover for the elastic strap to reside. The strap is sewn into the stitching on the back cover so you don’t have to worry about losing it, or it being broken off. The stitching quality is quite good, and the whole case feels rather strong yet flexible.

The only part of the cover worth going into depth, is how the Kindle is held inside the case – a “hinge” based system. Until recently, even I didn’t know that the Kindle supports such a system for attachment to a cover or case.

On the left hand edge of the Kindle, there are two small (~1cm) openings, which I always ignored and never bothered researching. But, with particular covers, it can be used to attach the Kindle for a seamless experience. There are no straps surrounding your Kindle, and no plastic to keep it in place, which get in the road. These alternate restraining options often have a rather negative aesthetic experience on your precious gadget.

The bottom “hinge” curves down, forcing you to insert the device and curve it upright, and then the top moveable hinge, locks it in place. To remove, you simply pull down on the top hinge, and slide the Kindle off of the bottom hinge. It is an easy yet effective method of keeping your device safe, while at the same time providing an aesthetically pleasing cover.

There is also a similar cover from Amazon, which uses gold plated hinges to gain power from the Kindle through the opening for a small LED reading light. A good option if you do a lot of reading in the dark.

Amazon has done a good job with these covers, and they are definitely worth a look if you are considering picking up a cover for your new or old Keyboard Kindle.

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Stuart Cope is a former contributing editor at Nothing But Tablets, which was merged into Pocketables in 2012.

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One thought on “Amazon Kindle Leather Cover review, interesting “hinge” system

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    I second your rec on these. I have one of these and love it. The compact and light book light is always with me and always charged, since it runs off the Kindle. I have found it to be a great accessory. Only issue is sometimes I have to push the light or out a little further out to get it to light up when I pull it out, but once I move it a smidgen, it works. Adding Push to Kindle extensions to my web browsers and Instapaper (which can also send to Kindle) have kept it full of things to read. And, PixelOfInk for Amazon free and discounted titles.

    p.s. Thanks for covering how to remove the Kindle. I haven’t had to do so, but I did fiddle with it once to see how hard it would be and couldn’t figure it out. Never needed to, so I didn’t look it up, but saved your instructions for later, just in case.


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