Android Market celebrates 10 Billion app downloads and counting

Android Market - for some reason we don't have an alt tag here

For the next ten days the Android Market will have ten apps available for only ten cents each. This is to celebrate the Market having ten billion app downloads and counting. The milestone was actually reached last weekend, and Google reports a growth rate of one billion app downloads per month.

Today’s discounted apps are Asphalt 6 HDColor & Draw for KidsEndomondo Sports Tracker ProFieldrunners HDGreat Little War GameMinecraftPaper CameraSketchbook MobileSoundhound Infinity and Swiftkey X. This is a great group of apps for today, and I can’t wait to see what they have available tomorrow. Make sure you stop by the Android Market for the next ten days to see what great apps are available for a dime.


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Bryan Faulkner

Bryan Faulkner is a former associate editor at Pocketables. He loves to find new ways to use his tablets while working as the Tech Director at his local church. Mixing sound from the iPad is his newest obsession. He currently has a pair of HP TouchPads, an iPad 2, a decommissioned HTC EVO 4G, and a Samsung Galaxy Note II to tinker with.

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