Apple’s 12 Days of Christmas app hits users with country-exclusive material (Updated: It’s a bug)

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Apple is getting on my nerve more and more this year with everything it has done to get rid of country restrictions so far being thrown out the window with iTunes in the Cloud and iTunes Match. The final straw was when I fired up the company’s 12 Days of Christmas app today and was hit with a “the item you’ve requested is not currently available in the Norwegian Store”-warning when I tried to download the free TV episode (or whatever it was). The 12 Days of Christmas app is Apple’s annual giveaway app that gives some iTunes content away each day for 12 days to celebrate Christmas. With literally millions of apps and music items to choose from, there is absolutely no excuse for choosing an item that is limited to only a few countries. Then the giveaway app shouldn’t have been available to download in those countries at all.

Update: seems like this is a bug related to a special region setting that the app uses which is independent from system language, account region, actual location etc. See the comment section for more info on how to fix it.

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