Archos 70b Honeycomb tablet coming next month for $199

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Archos has been a budget name for both tablets and MP3 players for years, but the last year it hasn’t exactly been overly impressive with its offerings. The 70b Honeycomb tablet that’s coming next month for $199 unfortunately only underlines this issue, it doesn’t help solve it.

The 70b would have been an OK device a couple of months ago, before the Kindle Fire and the Nook Tablet came out (in the US, anyways). With a 1.2GHz single core CPU and an awkward 512MB of RAM it isn’t exactly breaking any records for hardware specs. The 024 x 600 pixel (assumed to be 7-inch) capacitive touch screen isn’t bad on paper, but the lack of any mention of glass in the press release means that it’s likely a plastic screen. 8GB is nothing to be proud of either, but a microSD slot and HDMI output is nice.

All in all a very underwhelming tablet that does an awesome job of being overpriced at $199. The only real hope for this device is that it will keep the low price point in Europe and other places where the Fire and Nooks don’t rule.


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