BBE sound enhancements arrive on iOS

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Unlike certain technologies that aren’t worth the acronyms they make up, BBE’s sound enhancement technology actually helps the sound quality. The MP# player manufacturer Cowon has licensed the technology for years and in doing so been quite a few miles ahead of the other companies on the market in that respect. In what’s to me one of the most epic app releases of 2011, BBE has now released an app for iOS, SonicMax Pro.

The app is an audio player with BBE’s sound enhancement technology built in. It uses your existing music library and gives you a custom playback interface with a special section for tweaking the audio. It has tweaks for mids, highs, soundstage and – naturally – bass. It manages to improve these aspects of the sound without distorting it beyond recognition like most of these technologies do. Unfortunately it’s iPhone-optimized only for now, so you have to live with a blown up iPhone app. There’s also no Android version, which is a real pity. The app is $4.99, and if you listen to any music whatsoever, it will be worth it.


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