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Carrier IQ releases lengthy explanation of data collection practices


Do you have some time to kill today? How about you read a 19-page document from Carrier IQ and report back to the class what you found out.

In all seriousness, earlier this morning Carrier IQ released a lengthy document detailing exactly it’s doing with the data that is collected by its software. Most of this has been previously discussed, but as others have pointed out, there are two new bits of info that some people might find interesting:

  1. Remember Trevor Eckhart’s videos that got him into so much  trouble? Carrier IQ says that these are “debug messages from pre-production handset manufacturer software.” While Carrier IQ does admit that these logs are being generated on phones sold right now, Carrier IQ says it’s working with phone manufacturers to turn this process off once phones are activated.
  2. Carrier IQ says that under “unique circumstances” its software can in fact record SMS messages. This includes when “a user receives an SMS during a call, or during a simultaneous data session” although Carrier IQ claims that the texts are encrypted and unintelligible. It is currently, again, working with phone manufacturers to fix this bug.

So, the question remains: do you buy it?

[Carrier IQ via Gizmodo] [updated link]
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