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Claystone Launcher groups home screens into stacks

Ss-480-0-16[1]Claystone is a replacement home launcher with some nifty features thrown in.

One of the most notable is shown at right. The launcher groups screens/pages of the same type into "stacks," which replace page layout when you press the home button.

For example, you can have news feeds on multiple screens grouped into the same horizontal area for easy picking, while games and apps can be in a different vertical. All the similar pages (news feeds in this example) are grouped left to right, and each type of page (news, apps, etc.) exists in different verticals for easy spotting.

You can define each new panel as a type, and all types get grouped into stacks, laid out in an easy to spot and tap fashion.

Claystone is extremely fast flipping between pages. It also allows one-swipe access across multiple pages, which is both extremely useful and a bit tricky to initially master.

In the default layout, everything is transparent, which gives it a very cool minimalistic feel.

I tested this out on my HTC EVO 3D and my 4G. It did not function correctly on the 4G; however, that is most likely due to it not being designed to work with the half-functioning Ice Cream Sandwich port I'm running, so it will probably work fine for you.

Img[1]As replacement launchers go, it's pretty cool. I don't have a lot of pages of content and icons I flip through on a regular basis, though, so this isn't exactly for me.

If you've never replaced a launcher before, it's as simple as downloading the app, installing it, pressing Home, and then choosing to complete the action with Claystone. You can set it to the default launcher if you like it, or uninstall it to return to the stock launcher.

Claystone is free from the Market and worth a try if you're getting tired of the Rosie (stock) launcher your EVO shipped with.

Links: Market (EVO) | Market (web)

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