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First cluster of Sprint LTE cell sites goes live, Sprint marks major Network Vision milestone


In case you were doubtful that Sprint would be able to get an LTE network up and running in any reasonable amount of time, Sprint just announced that it finally has its first cluster of LTE cell sites up and running in Kankakee, IL, a suburb of Chicago. Sprint says that it's still on track to have the majority of its 4G LTE network deployed by the end of 2013, and it still plans on releasing its first round of LTE-capable phones, tablets, and mobile broadband devices in mid-2012.

Additionally, some other Network Vision milestones that Sprint wants to brag about include:

  • Completed development and integration of back-office systems to support the new base stations to ensure a seamless rollout
  • Finished lab testing of all components of the Network Vision platform, eliminating most technical risks of the program and validating rapid LTE deployment schedule
  • Launched Sprint Direct Connect® on CDMA and introduced three devices, allowing our iDEN customers to move to a truly mobile data experience with a comparable platinum push-to-talk experience
  • Launched first multi-modal base station in Branchburg, N.J., and validated improved 3G data performance metrics, such as voice quality, drops and blocks and data speeds

Even though Sprint claims that it is already noticing massive improvements in data speeds and network capacity nationwide, it will accelerate their network improvements in 2012. In addition, Sprint expects to make additional announcements about the timing of more LTE markets and devices in early 2012.

So what are your opinions on this most recent network announcement from Sprint?

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