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First Ice Cream Sandwich Sense ROM shows us possible future of HTC EVO


See that? It's the very first look of what the latest version of Android (v4.0.1), Ice Cream Sandwich, looks like once it is mixed with Sense 3.5. It comes from a test build straight from HTC that was recently leaked for the HTC Sensation and is already up and running as a custom ROM for that phone thanks to robocik and capychimp.

Noticeable differences from previous versions of Sense include the new standard-looking dock, the ability to unlock to folders, and face unlock. 

If you have an HTC EVO 3D or Design 4G, expect to see the finished product on your phone early next year. HTC EVO 4G users will most likely see a fully functional custom ROM around the same time, if not much earlier.

Okay, time to say what's on most people's minds: What the hell, HTC? You took everything that was super cool about ICS and threw it in the trash. Now don't get me wrong; I really do love Sense. But now that Android is not ugly by default, HTC needs to take a step back and realize that Sense 3.5 looks rather dated. My only hope is that this is an early, early alpha build (which it is) and that a completely revamped Sense 4.0 is in the works. 

Maybe I'm the only one who feels this way. Anyone actually looking forward to the familiar interface, or do you want less Sense and more ICS?


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Sam Sarsten

Sam Sarsten is a former contributing editor at Good and EVO, which was merged with Pocketables in 2012.

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21 thoughts on “First Ice Cream Sandwich Sense ROM shows us possible future of HTC EVO

  • Avatar of Marc Ongaro

    I’m hoping to see a more vanilla ICS custom ROM for the HTC Evo. I’m actually holding out for CM9. I’m so over Sense.

  • Avatar of davesevo

    Definitely, way less sense and more ICS

  • Avatar of Travis

    I’ve been running Sense GUI forever, it fits me better then my favorite t-shirt…
    PPC6700 – first experience with the Sense GUI – custom rom
    PPC6800 “mogul” – again, custom rom)
    Touch Pro – Sense came stock for the first time (first time for Sprint anyways)
    Touch Pro 2
    Evo 4G

  • If CM9 is just as good as CM7 I think ill go with that and leave sense for a while. Its not that I dont like sense, its just it does weigh down my EVO4G.

    we will see though.

  • Avatar of awesomepossum

    Senses all the way!!!

  • Avatar of awesomepossum

    How does it weigh down your Evo?

  • Avatar of etnpnys

    I appreciate the Sense UI for the extra efforts to make everything have some sort of unified look to it. ICS is bringing most of that anyway, along with better accounts integration, so I’m looking forward to vanilla ICS.

  • Avatar of Josh m

    Just gonna say it… Really I hate the sense carasel and how it dumbs down live wallpapers. Am I alone?

  • Avatar of Rick

    no, not alone….the carousel is the worst idea. It has absolutely no functionality.

    I really hope that the new Sense looks more like ICS. I’m sick of Sense at this point. I really like my girfriends EVO4G with CM7 better than my EVO3D, except for the speed difference and display.

  • Avatar of Bill Mitchell

    Wow, why use Sense when Go Launcher Ex is so amazingly awesomely better?


  • Avatar of marcus

    Sense makes ICS look like a slightly updated Froyo instead of something fresh and new. Sense was good when android wasn’t that polished, but after seeing the Nexus Galaxy, I think stock ICS can walk on its own legs now.

  • Avatar of marcus

    If this is what sense is going to look like on my Evo 3D, I’ll probably switch to a nexus or at the very least get a phone that isn’t HTC in the future.

  • Avatar of Brandon

    Vanilla ICS all the way! I loved Sense, but ICS is so pretty, it doesn’t need any make up, it looks beautiful natural, just the way it is!

  • Avatar of office ninja

    After using ICS I’m not blown away by the GUI, I just don’t think it matches up with the awesomeness of Sense. Android without Sense is cumbersome to use, and looks very bland. While I hope they incorporate some of the new features of ICS I don’t think they should throw out sense by any means.

  • I agree with this post right here. Sense is totally useful and again… I love it! But I want to see something fresh from HTC (and Samsung for that matter) with ICS. Let’s go manufacturers!!!

  • Avatar of Evo Genius

    it exists. that’s how.

  • Anyway to root evo running 2.3.3?? after all the carrier IQ i decided i wanna root but cant seem to find anything online…

  • I received an EVO 3D Tuesday via FedEx and it looked JUST LIKE THIS….checking the settings and all is not rooted! I’m already up to date!

  • dENIECCEE your not quite up to date…evo 3d wont get ICS till next yr…however there is not much diffrence in the sence setup hear to the one thats on your phone right now… i know its sad HTC would mess up ICS so much


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