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First Ice Cream Sandwich Sense ROM shows us possible future of HTC EVO


See that? It's the very first look of what the latest version of Android (v4.0.1), Ice Cream Sandwich, looks like once it is mixed with Sense 3.5. It comes from a test build straight from HTC that was recently leaked for the HTC Sensation and is already up and running as a custom ROM for that phone thanks to robocik and capychimp.

Noticeable differences from previous versions of Sense include the new standard-looking dock, the ability to unlock to folders, and face unlock. 

If you have an HTC EVO 3D or Design 4G, expect to see the finished product on your phone early next year. HTC EVO 4G users will most likely see a fully functional custom ROM around the same time, if not much earlier.

Okay, time to say what's on most people's minds: What the hell, HTC? You took everything that was super cool about ICS and threw it in the trash. Now don't get me wrong; I really do love Sense. But now that Android is not ugly by default, HTC needs to take a step back and realize that Sense 3.5 looks rather dated. My only hope is that this is an early, early alpha build (which it is) and that a completely revamped Sense 4.0 is in the works. 

Maybe I'm the only one who feels this way. Anyone actually looking forward to the familiar interface, or do you want less Sense and more ICS?


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