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French HTC Flyer finally gets Honeycomb, HTC EVO View 4G next?

Honeycomb-french-flyerAfter a few leaks, and months of speculation, the official Honeycomb update is rolling out right now … for the HTC Flyer in France. A lot of good that does for us HTC EVO View 4G owners in the US, right?

Well, maybe not. The HTC Flyer is basically the identical twin of the EVO View, except for radios. (The Flyer comes in GSM/UMTS, CDMA, and WiFi-only varients, while the View has WiMAX for Sprint compatibility.) Thus, since the software that runs under the hood is basically the same, HTC should most likely have a working version ready for the EVO View, as soon as Sprint approves it.

And hopefully that's not long off, since Sprint initially advertised that the View would be compatible with Honeycomb shortly after release. And I don't know about you, but "shortly" in the tech world is definitely not five or more months.

The Flyer update is 210MB and bumps Android up to version 3.2. So keep your fingers crossed for a Sprint release coming soon!

[HTC Inside via Android Central]
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2 thoughts on “French HTC Flyer finally gets Honeycomb, HTC EVO View 4G next?

  • I’m still sold on HC. I prefer the way GB works and flows instead, but I still will gladly welcome the update when it comes!

  • it brings important updates for pen (scribe) apps. in fact their scribe ask is meant for use with honeycomb and there must be something generic about it because reportedly other apps not designed for scribe work with scribe…. but this is only under honeycomb. I think its horrible HTC released a tablet that barely supported the pen that came with it and then left developers stranded to figure it out on their own…why their apps just didn’t work right or completely…and that’s cuz their documentation assumed honeycomb! all the examples were for honeycomb. HTC should have released this update waaaaaaayyyy sooner. they really hurt themselves. I think they would have been better off waiting to release the flyer until they had honeycomb which hopefully will be by Christmas…but if they did it right, they would have timed it for the holiday. instead they released the flyer before it was ready and I think that was a stupid idea. HTC really dropped the ball. I still love the tablet and look forward to honeycomb, but this was a fail on HTC’s part. shame too for such an amazing tablet with great potential.

    can’t wait for the update to hit sprint. I was wondering if I’d be off contract before the update hit and on to another tablet…


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