Grand Theft Auto 3 hits the App Store and Android Market

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The day we’ve been looking forward to for two months is finally here, and GTA 3 is out for both iOS and Android. This is a direct port of the original game, meaning that it’s a full console/PC quality game we have, not just a weird copy. This shows, as right off the bat you notice quality differences compared to the cheaper games. Controls are better, graphics are better, and the game is much bigger both physically and otherwise.

There are a couple of issues though, which namely come from this being a direct port. Some gameplay elements don’t make as much sense in 2011 as they did in 2001, like for instance the lack of a proper GPS system for the minimap and non-generative health. These are things that should perhaps have been included in the re-release to bring the game a bit up to date, though it doesn’t really matter that much. The game runs fine on my iPad 2, and also supports the last generation of iOS devices – that is, the iPad 1, iPhone 4, and current iPod touch (as well as, of course, the iPhone 4S). Older hardware isn’t supported. On Android, the compatibility is naturally more complex, as with everything Android. It apparently doesn’t work on my Galaxy Tab 7.0 Plus, which has nothing to do with performance as the hardware in it is a lot faster than in devices that can run the game. That’s Android for you – buy a new device and it takes half a year until developers discover that it exists. I have a feeling the it would run just fine if I just got the file, as that has pretty much been the case with about a dozen apps so far, so we’ll see what happens. The Android version also supports “select USB gamepads”, which is awesome.

Either way, the game is available now for $5, which is a seriously awesome price for a game like this.

[iTunes | Android Market]

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