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How to accept the Honeycomb OTA on HTC EVO View 4G after rooting with Revolutionary


It's been a good holiday for HTC EVO View 4G owners. Not only did HTC finally release their promised Honeycomb update, but developer globatron also figured out a way to apply the update to devices that had previously been rooted using the Revolutionary S-OFF tool.

Globatron's method keeps S-OFF and includes a Honeycomb-compatible custom recovery, which should be music to the ears of those who previously soft-bricked their devices when attempting to apply the update on their already-rooted tablets.

It should be noted that this method is for advanced users only; you should be comfortable using ADB and flashing files through fastboot. Globatron is currently working on a simpler way for the rooted masses to get Honeycomb, but you'll have to sit tight.

If this warning doesn't phase you, though, read on.

Before attempting this method, you should be running Gingerbread and already have S-OFF using Revolutionary. Additionally, you should have the Superuser installation zip ready to go on an SD card. If you are unrooted and have already applied the Honeycomb update, see this post for information on rooting the EVO View using HTC's official method.

  1. If you are currently running a custom ROM, or you have made any adjustments to the stock ROM including removing system apps or flashing a custom recovery, you must run a Gingerbread RUU using the first set instructions in this post.
  2. Next, take all available OTA updates, including the Honeycomb update. Your View will be soft-bricked after taking the Honeycomb update – this is normal, so don't worry.
  3. While your View is taking the OTA updates, download this file on your computer and place it in your ADB folder for easy access.
  4. Now that your View has accepted the Honeycomb update and you are soft-bricked, you'll need to boot into fastboot: At the white HTC start-up screen, press and hold the volume down button, and then press and hold the power button at the same time. You may need to press both buttons simultaneously  for up to 15 seconds. Your screen should eventually turn off; lift up the power button but keep holding volume down. You should then boot into the bootloader; using your tablet's volume keys, select "Fastboot" from the available menu options, and press the power button to select it.
  5. Once in fastboot, type the following commands into ADB (you may have to type these commands twice, especially if you get an error message the first time):

    fastboot oem rebootRUU
    fastboot flash zip

  6. Congratulations! You have a compatible bootloader, a custom recovery, and you are no longer soft-bricked! Just boot into recovery, flash Superuser, and you're good to go.

If you run into problems, you can ask questions at the xda thread below. Good luck, and enjoy Honeycomb!

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4 thoughts on “How to accept the Honeycomb OTA on HTC EVO View 4G after rooting with Revolutionary

  • Is there anywhere I can get the mini RUU for the HTC Flyer 3G? I have tried this one but I get an ID problem.

  • The file DEPKILZ5L2 at has been deleted because it was violating their Terms Of Service.

    Where can we get this file???

    Can you just email it to me at:

    [email protected]


  • just google, i found it within the first five search results and have successfully downloaded it. If you can’t find it for some reson, just post back here and we can figure out some way for me to send it to you.

  • This was a life saver thank you!!!!!!!


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