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How to gain S-OFF on GSM HTC EVO 3D with newer HBOOTs

Htc-evo-3d-gsm-europe-550x385 If you have yourself a rooted GSM HTC EVO 3D with a newer HBOOT and are sick and tired of being left with S-ON, I have a solution for you. That’s right, pack away your Flash Image GUI because this tutorial will show you how to get full S-OFF on your SIM card-lovin’ EVO 3D. First and foremost: what is S-OFF? Well, with S-ON and the HTC Unlock method, you have limitations for the files you can flash. Sure, you can flash ROMs and you are indeed rooted, but you can’t flash kernels or custom recoveries. S-OFF gives you full flashing access, which is really good! Note that this method may not work on all GSM HTC EVO 3Ds and I haven’t tested it personally. For more support and to see if your EVO is supported, head to the original thread at the bottom of the post. If you have a CDMA (i.e., Sprint) EVO 3D, please stop reading and do not attempt this method. If you’re still here, then let’s S-OFF your GSM EVO 3D. This method is slightly advanced (like Revolutionary) and most beginner users may want to shy away. This tutorial is written for a Windows 7 PC. Please use it at your own risk! What You Need

  1. Official firmware with the S-OFF-able 1.49.0007 HBOOT: HERE (make sure it is named
  2. The xvi32 hex editor: HERE
  3. ADB and Fastboot for those who don’t have it: HERE

What You Do First

  1. Unlock and subsequently root your GSM EVO 3D using the HTC Unlock method.
  2. Turn USB debugging on (under Settings > Applications > Development).
  3. Plug your EVO 3D into your PC and put it in Charge Only mode.
  4. Extract the ADB and Fastboot file to your the root of your C:/ drive.
  5. Hit the Start button on your computer, type in “cmd” in the search box and then hit Enter; this will open a Command Prompt window.
  6. Run the following two commands:

    cd c:/adb

    adb shell dd if=/dev/block/mmcblk0p31 of=/mnt/sdcard/mmcblk0p31.img

6c8c47a5f9c34e3725c081c048dd3271 Do not close out of Command Prompt. Switch your phone to Disk Drive mode. What You Do Next

  1. Extract the xvi32 hex editor wherever and open the mmcblk0p31.img file.
  2. Using xvi32, change your version number from 1.22.720.1 (or whatever it is) to 1.20.720.1.

A0c2a86fabf917602dbb82a1a6a93d82 9189c93246269b689b7f399d094ea3e4 Switch your phone back to Charge Only mode. Back in Command Prompt, run the following commands (do not insert the parenthetical comments):     adb shell dd if=/mnt/sdcard/mmcblk0p31.img of=/dev/block/mmcblk0p31     adb reboot-bootloader (your phone will reboot to the Bootloader)     fastboot oem writecid HTC__001 (this changes your CID)     fastboot oem lock (this temporarily re-locks your Bootloader) What You Do Last

  1. Power off your EVO 3D, pull out the battery for a few seconds, then reboot your phone.
  2. Once it is rebooted, copy the file to the root of your SD card.
  3. Reboot into the Bootloader: either with Advanced Power Menu (Restart > Bootloader) or by turning your phone off and using Vol Down + Power Button once off (make sure Settings > Applications > Fastboot is unchecked for this method of accessing the bootloader).
  4. Press Vol + twice to install the when prompted by the Bootloader. You now have HBOOT 1.49.0007.
  5. Unlock your phone with HTC Unlock method one last time.
  6. Gain S-OFF using Revolutionary (this link is for the HTC EVO 4G, but will work fine for your EVO 3D).


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