How to pair a Bluetooth Keyboard made for Honeycomb with another version of Android

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I made my first after Christmas purchase today and that was a Bluetooth keyboard. I ended up picking up the Logitech Tablet Keyboard for Android 3.0+. I plan on doing a full review once I have a little more time to play with it, but before I could even get it talking to my tablet I had a little problem.

Now I am aware that Bluetooth is Bluetooth, regardless of what platform it is built for. What I mean is that even if it states that the Bluetooth device is for Apple, it still will most likely work on an Android device. Apple and Android, Windows, Blackberry, and every other manufacturer use the same Bluetooth so it doesn’t really matter what device it says it is made for on the box, it most likely will work. The problem I had was when pairing my keyboard with my Touchpad it asked me for a PIN. When I did a little research on Logitech’s website, I found that when using Android 3.0 or higher and your tablet finds the keyboard, it will tell you what the PIN is in the pop up box, and that the PIN is unique to each keyboard. In Android 2.xx that little box does not pop up and give you the PIN. So what to do?

After some looking online I came across an old post on XDA that helped me solve my problem. The post is for the Gtablet, but from my exerience it works on other Android devices as well. It worked for both my Touchpad and my HTC EVO 4G. The solution is simple. When the box pops up on your tablet to enter your PIN, type in “0000” (other numbers might work but I used “0000”). Immediately afterwards type “0000” on the keyboard (not on the tablet keyboard, but the Logitech one) and hit ENTER. You should see on your tablet that it says “Connected to hid device”. If it says “Paired but not connected” try tapping a few of the keys to get it to wake up. That’s it! A pretty simple solution to something that could of made me return my new toy to the store before even getting to play with it.

[XDA Developers]

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