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How to use root-hating apps on your rooted HTC EVO


For many G&E readers, getting root access on their HTC EVO is probably one of the first things they do after unboxing their new phone. But unfortunately, an increasing number of apps are not playing nicely with root, especially ones that are concerned with potential piracy issues, such as Google Videos, Blockbuster, or HTC Watch.

Previously, we let you know about a modified version of Google Videos that actually works on rooted devices, but unfortunately it seems that development on this app has stopped. This means that as Google continues to release updated versions of their Videos app, the one that works on rooted devices will be left behind. Unfortunately, this same problem exists with other modified apps – the developers have to keep updating them each time a new version is released, and not every developer is that reliable.

Enter Voodoo OTA Rootkeeper. This should be one of the first apps you install after rooting your device, as it allows you to backup your Superuser access, temporarily unroot your device, and then restore root access once again.

The developer's original intent for the app was to easily allow users to install OTA updates without having to worry about losing root access, but actual uses are much broader.

For example, I have completely uninstalled the modified Google Videos apk that I was previously using on my EVO 3D, and am now using the official one from the Market. When I want to browse or rent movies, I just temporarily unroot my phone. After I'm finished, I reroot it in one click.

This app is free in the Android Market, and is made by the same developer who made Voodoo Carrier IQ detector, another app we previously told you about that you might find useful, as well. I've tested this on both the EVO 3D and the EVO View, and it works flawlessly on both. So be sure to pick it up just in case you run into one of those unfriendly apps that just doesn't like to play nice.


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